It wouldn’t be summer without some new kit! And here at WAHU we’ve got some amazing new (and returning!) games and toys that are guaranteed to supercharge your fun this summer.

Whether you’re looking for something to keep the kids outside and active, or something to pop under the Christmas tree, check out what’s new for 2020.

New Summer Outdoor Toys for 2020




Pool Pets – Narwhal Pool Float and Racer















Kids love to ride on their very own pool pets. From races across the pool with their mates, to leisurely floating, pool pets are perfect for all types of kids. And WAHU’s new Narwhal pool float and racer is perfect for your animal-loving child.

Available in a variety of bright, funky WAHU colours your child will love imagining they’re intrepid Antarctic explorers, or riding their tamed narwhal on the search for pirate treasure. Whatever they’re into, they’ll get hours of fun out of our pool pets.

And if one isn’t enough, you can fill the whole stable with our Kangaroo, Cockatoo and Koala pool pets.




Pool Bopper


If water competition is more your child’s thing, you can’t go past our new Pool Bopper game! Like a human version of an old fun park game, your child and their friends (or even you!) pop up through the holes in the floating mat while a designated player attempts to ‘bop’ them with the bopper. You don’t want to get bopped though, or you’re out!

This game leads to hours of laughter and fun and your kids will enjoy getting bopped as much as they enjoy doing the bopping. And because it’s a game for up to four players, it’s perfect for the whole family!


Back in Stock!

Twister with a twist! Splash ‘n Tangle is the perfect summer outdoor toy for long, hot afternoons. Get the kids out in the backyard, set out Splash ‘n Tangle and add water. The players roll the dice and stand on the corresponding icon. They roll again and put a hand or foot on another icon. The last player standing, wins!

This is the perfect game for cooling off after school, and loads of fun when friends come round. Follow it up with some ice lollies and your kids will be in summer heaven.