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Wahu Supa Doopa Pool Slide

** IMPORTANT: Be sure to check out our NEW and EXCLUSIVE, Ripper Dipper Pool Slide as the the Supa Doopa Pool Slide is no longer available to purchase from the Wahu website. 


Add a whole new dimension to your pool with the Supa-Doopa Pool Slide. Brave this steep slippery ride and land with a massive splash! The high performance, inflatable slide has continuous spray action to ensure a smooth, fast slide into the water below. The reinforced base gives durability and stability to this pool slide. It is boldly coloured and comes with a hose connection.

Warning: Aquatic toy use only under supervision.Warning: This is not a lifesaving device. Only use under competent adult supervision. Do not leave child unattended while in use. Only to be used in water in which the child is within their depth / shallow water. Warning: Will not prevent drowning.