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Dogs Chewing Toys

Regardless of age, all dogs need to chew. Young pups are doing it to relieve the pain of new teeth, older dogs are doing it to keep their jaws and teeth strong and healthy. This might be hard on you as an owner concerned about the condition of your precious furniture, but it doesn’t have to be this way when you’ve got one of our quality dogs chewing toys ranging in colour, size, and design.

For plenty of fun, pick from our chew balls and dumbbells, and your dog is in for lots of throwing, catching, and chewing. If you’d like to provide your pup with the kind of toy that also takes care of the cute little white teef, then your main choice should be one of our rubber chewable teeth cleaners with a bristle feature.

There are also those that allow you to sneak in a treat inside that are great for training and rewarding too. Other types of chew toy like those with ball designs strengthen a pooch’s teeth in between all the fun, which makes them a valuable purchase. For safety, though, remember to check sizes and inspect the toys regularly before playtime!