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Dog Teeth Cleaners

Did you know there’s a high risk of your pooch developing some periodontal disease by the age of two? Worry not, now that you know, you can take his or her dental hygiene seriously and ensure their pearly whites are in top condition.

Our range of dog teeth cleaners that double as chew toys are perfect for establishing dental care routine without a hassle. Depending on your pup’s age, and what you’re into, we’ve got the soft plush and flexible rubber designs created for endless hours of fun with catching, retrieving and chewing.

The added bristle feature of the rubber dental cleaner for dogs ensures your Fido’s teeth are squeaky clean throughout the play so dental hygiene won’t be a burden for you as a busy modern owner. For the good pup, we’ve also got the special toys with sections where you can store some of their favourite treats and reward them for making dental care piece of cake.