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Dog Swim Vests

While dolphins didn’t evolve from dogs, some dogs put this misconception to the test because of their immense love for water. If your pooch seems to have the DNA of a fish, and you can’t get him or her out of water, then you need one of our reliable dog swim vests for all the water adventures you two share.

Life jackets are one of those essential dog supplies even for dogs that are good swimmers because they’re designed to provide the needed buoyancy to keep them afloat no matter what. Depending on your dog’s size or breed, you can choose from our models of dog float vest ranging in sizes from small to medium.

For added flexibility, they’re equipped with adjustable straps as the handy features that ensure your dog gets the right fit with the needed comfort and safety. They’re brightly coloured to make your dog easily spotted so you never lose it out of sight. Whatever your adventure may be, mere swimming or diving, surfing or paddleboarding, boating or kayaking, be sure to pack up one of these safety aids!