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Dog Tug Toys

As a dog owner, it’s your mission to give your canine the best care they require for optimal health and well-being. This includes treating them to fun time outdoors and providing them with a great outlet for mental and physical stimulation so they can spend the energy and be their healthy and happy selves.

Awaken your dog’s predatory nature and offer him or her the chance to enjoy some quality time chasing, grabbing, chewing, jumping, running, playing, and tugging with our assorted range of dog tug toys carefully sourced just for you. Same as us, our furry pals have their own likes and dislikes even when it comes to entertainment, so whether your pooch is into a playful pitcher, or a colourful tough tugger with loop and ball ends, a woofblade or a woofwinder, we have you covered.

Have fun with your four-legged friend coming up with all the engaging games with our tug of war dog toy range no matter where you are – could be your backyard, the beach, or the park. Our toys are lightweight and compact enough, so you can easily pack them up and bring them along anywhere you go!