Wahu Tube Wars

Its Tube Wars in the Pool. Includes two base tubes & two paddles.

Base tube size 125cm x 24cm. Paddle size 140cm x 24cm. Base tube weight limit : 70kg.

Wahu Hot Rocker

The compact Hot Rocker will have you rocking about in the pool (or lake) this summer!

Dimensions 1.8m (Length) x 94cm (Width) x 81cm (Height).

Combined weight limit: 110kg

Wahu Banana-rama

Lounge about in the pool this summer with the rocking Bananarama !
• Includes Cup Holder
• Dimensions 1.5m (L) x 1m (W) x 85cm (H)

Wahu Round-a-bout

Spin around on the round-a-bout in the pool this summer!
• Includes hold on handles and removable seat.
• Dimensions: 1.75m in diameter x 63cm in height.
• Combined weight limit: 175kg.

Wahu Floating Pool Slide

Ideal for pool & lake. Includes handles and climb up platform and tie down anchor points to keep slide in position.
Dimensions 2.8m (Length), 1.5m (Width) & 90cm (Height).

weight limit 70kg.

Wahu Supa-Doopa Slide

This high performance water slide is Supa-Doopa Fun for the pool this summer!
Features water spray attachment + hose connection, durable handles, heavy duty PVC with reinforced base.
Dimensions 2.5m (L) x 2.3m (W) x 1.2m (H)

Wahu Rock-a-bout

Side by side dual rocker for pool & lake
Dimensions: 1.2m (Length) x 1.2cm (Width) x 80cm (Height)
Combined weight limit: 110kg

Wahu Aqua Pod

The Wahu Aqua Pod is great for the pool, glide on at the beach, lounge about on the lake and so much more!
• Includes four moulded handles.
• 1.3m in diameter
• Handles up to 80kg

Wahu Flip-Ova

The Flip-Ova is the ultimate activity for the pool, beach & lake.

Dimensions: 1.75m (width), 89cm (Height).
Combined weight limit 110kg

Wahu Sports Net

Inflatable Floating Sports Net. Perfect for Volleyball in the pool, Tennis in the backyard or beach!

• Dimensions 2.9m W x and 1m H
• Ideal for pool, back yard and beach
• Includes tie down points for fixed positioning

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